Wood Polish workers in Kolkata

Frequently Asked Questions

Every customer Expect Quality and Professional service .To deliver quality and professional service Painters must Train by Field Experienced managers .The team head and managers must have field experience in painting .When Complete team have Good field experience they can smoothly maintain quality of work and always they can deliver work up to customer expectations and satisfaction.Deccan Clap Always belives professional painting service not possible by CONSULTANTS ( Who carried out work with third party Contractors or vendors and we strongly belive Delivering of Quality service with Experienced Managers and team up to customer satisfaction describes Professional Painting service.

Deccan Clap believes The Painters Who work Permanently under a Good Painting Company and who Train under A Good painting field Experienced Managers they can do work Professionally and becomes masters in Painting field .Deccan clap Always Train the painters under Highly Experienced field managers and Deccan Clap must maintain Complete team Experienced and Technical Gems only.

Deccan Clap offering very Competitive and challenging prices ,Almost our prices are 30% lower than market prices our prices are For 1. Asian paints Tractor Uno Distemper 2 coates with material + labour - 5 Rupees / square feet 2. Asian paints Tractor emulsion 2 coates with material + labour - 7 rupees / square feet 3. Asian paints Apcolite premium emulsion 2 coates with material + labour - 9 rupees / square feet 4. Asian paints Royale Luxury Emulsion 2 coates with material + labour charges - 12.6 Rupees / square feet ...etc .The Exterior paints are 1. Asian paints ACE Exterior emulsion 2 coates with material + labour - 8 Rupees / square feet 2. Asian paints Apex Exterior emulsion 2 coates with material + labour charges - 9.5 rupees / square feet 3. Asian paints Apex ultima 2 coates with material + labour charges - 13 rupees / square feet 4. Asian paints Apex ultima Protek 2 coates material + labour charges -14 rupees / square feet ,These are Hyderabad City prices based on city some vary in prices.

There are Multiple Benefits to hire Deccan clap for House painting and Waterproofing services.In fact no other Service Providers providing services like Deccan Clap. Here we are offering Painting and Waterproofing services with 8 years warranty with our advanced Work Techniques this is not possible to get service with 8 years warranty in market ,We maintain A Permanent Teams for House Painting and Waterproofing services and we Train all our painters under Highly Experienced Field managers and after started the work Always our Field Experienced managers respond to your queries and suggest you so many things technically to make your house Beautiful with colours .In market Except Deccan Clap, No one in market providing painting and Waterproofing services directly from company with 8 years full service warranty and We always believes Hassle free service to Every customer is possible by Field Experienced managers and teams ,So To provide END to END Technical Assistance and colour consultation Deccan Clap assign A Lead manager , Field Manager ,Site Surveyor,Site supervisor to Every customer.Any Customer who avail services from companies Expect this but no where customer Expectations not Fulfilling Except Deccan Clap . We are designed Exactly what customer Expects from Professional Service Providers for Quality and satisfied service.

You Can book any services from our website or by call , click on book now option and fill the form with all details , our team respond within 2 Hrs and same day Site Surveyor Will be Assigned for site visit ,our Site Surveyor visit your location and take accurate measurement through laser machine and generate system generated accurate and standard pricing quotation ,after booked service you can pay online or cash as per your convenience.

Deccan Clap is One stop solution for All types of Painting and Waterproofing ,Wallpapers ,Wall Textures,Wall punning ,Art painting,Wood Polish ,Epoxy Grouting , Epoxy / PU Flooring,Home Cleaning ,False ceiling , Artificial Grass, Wooden Flooring Services. Offering services at very challenging prices at 30% lower than market prices with Highly Experienced and Trained professionals and managers.

Deccanclap offering the professional services at 30% lower than market price and flat 20% off of Painting and Waterproofing and 50% off on wallpapers and Post service Deccan Clap only offering services with 8 years warranty Deccanclap painters follow a systematic professional procedure to deliver project with good quality 1. Full furniture masking 2. Dedicated supervision 3.Post cleanup service 4.on time completion 5.Dedicated Managers for END to END technical Assistance 6. 8 years warranty.

Deccan Clap Established to provide hassle free and professional services in Budget we don't give work to Third party vendors .we Have permanent field Experienced Managers to provide to Quality and hassle free services to customers and we maintain Permanent manpower to provide standard work process with our own manpower we can provide 30% lower than market prices. This is not possible with other service providers because they give sub contracts and they take commission 20% to 30% on total work.

Deccan Clap Established to give relief from pains getting from Other company contractors and local painters ,we assign a manager for Full Technical Assistance and Hassle free service.we assign a Field supervisor to maintain our standard work process and standard Quality material usage Other service providers give sub contracts sub contractors only take care of project and they always try to save their money, if customer complaints they look into quality of work otherwise, no standards maintain.

Now a days everyone looking for Professional and Quality service but with existing service providers business model This is not possible to provide service in Budget and cannot maintain quality with sub contract system so Deccan Clap Established with a System it completely Provide Hassle free and Quality service to Every customer within Their budget .we have Highly Experienced Managers and maintaining permanent Manpower to Provide services in Budget with less company profit .

Now a days everyone looking for Professional and Quality service but with existing service providers customers Not getting quality service with service Providers system because Always service providers looking for safe Business with Sub contract systems but Customers Not getting Quality and hassle free services from Contractors. To provide quality and Hassle free services Deccan clap was Established by industry Experts have field Experienced managers and permanent Teams to follow standard work process and quality materials .We cannot see this way of service Providing anywhere in market.