Painting contractors in Medak

Frequently Asked Questions

When anyone looking to Paint their house they think about quality service and budget, So many service providers are providing professional services in market but we challenge no one cannot provide the professional services for Deccan clap offered price because always we look into provide the professional services in customer budget, Our prices generally 30% lower than market prices because we maintain permanent manpower and we don't work on third party commission basis.

Deccan clap don't work for third party commission, we maintain permanent manpower to provide professional services to customer within their budget, so our prices almost 20% to 30% lower than market prices. This is not possible with other service providers because they give sub contracts to other service providers and they take commission 20% to 30% on total work.

Deccan clap complete process is different than other service providers, we assign a particular supervisor to maintain our standards and quality of service at every customer and we maintain permanent skilled and Experienced manpower to deliver a good quality of work , Other service providers give sub contracts to other service providers, sub-contractors only take care of project and they always try to save their money, if customer complaints they look into quality of work otherwise, no standards maintain.

Now a days everyone need professional service, but here the problem is budget because, for professional service some of the service providers taking almost double charges than standard prices, So our aim every customer should avail professional services at standard prices and within their budget.


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